To honor Staci’s memory, Barry and Kristen Stephens have established The Staci Stephens Fund, Inc., a tax-deductible 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.

Contributions and donations made to this fund will go towards the cost of camps and conferences such as the life-changing conference Staci attended many times.

Additionally, funds will be donated to research Viral Myocarditis and heart related conditions, or to assist people diagnosed with this devastating condition.


Each year, The Staci Stephens Fund, Inc. puts together a summary of the amazing things that have happened. Please click below to download this great summary!

The Staci Stephens Fund, Inc. Year in Review – Thru December 2007

The Staci Stephens Fund, Inc. Year in Review – Thru March 2007


The following are the purposes of The Staci Stephens Fund, Inc. as identified to the IRS:

  • Charitable – assist people in furthering their relationship with others by attending camps, conferences, seminars and other related events. Seek and provide monetary contributions to assist people with expenses who have heart inflammation, viruses, and other heart problems. Perform fundraisers and accept donations to spread the word of God.
  • Religious – Encourage people to attend camps to further their relationship with Jesus Christ by gaining knowledge of the word of God. Seek monetary assistance from other organizations, businesses and grants so that the word of God can be shared.
  • Scientific – Seek and provide monetary assistance to medical facilities treating patients with heart inflammation, viruses, and heart problems.
  • Educational – by preparing and equipping individuals with the knowledge of how to spread the word of God. Provide people with information about viruses, heart inflammation, and heart problems.
  • The Staci Stephens Fund Board of Directors include:
  • Kristen Stephens –President
  • Michelle Beckman – Vice President
  • Barbara Weber – Secretary
  • Phil Archer –Treasurer
  • Barry Stephens –Director


If you would like to donate to “The Staci Stephens Fund, Inc.,” a tax-deductible 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.

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Kristen Stephens (Staci’s Mom) attended a short four-hour class, which was taught by Aretha Olivarez titled, “How to Start A Non Profit Organization” held at The Knowledge Shop (TKS) in Orlando, Florida.

Aretha Olivarez - An expert in helping others set up nonprofit corporations. She has worked with numerous individuals, civic, and religious organizations, helping them through the various aspects of filing for nonprofit status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. She is the author of ‘The Best Guide for Nonprofit Corporations Including Churches and Religious Organizations.


Aretha continually assists us in performing many activities related to our cause. Aretha’s web site contains a short video of Staci’s Mom discussing how easy it was to create the non-profit 501(c)3 organization despite previous failed attempts. You can view this testimony at the following link:

After attending Aretha’s class, using her materials provided, and following easy directions, we were able to establish “The Staci Stephens Fund, Inc. A 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization” without any help from attorneys all within six weeks!! This is an unbelievable timeframe. Aretha saved The Staci Stephens Fund, Inc. thousands of dollars, not to mention countless hours it would have taken to complete over 20 pages of forms. We are grateful for her skilled guidance and knowledge.

The easy steps to obtain this misunderstood and often difficult task included obtaining an incorporation completed in seven days, obtaining an employee identification number (EIN) instantaneously, and obtaining a 501(c)3 Non profit status within one month. Through this valuable information, we were able to save thousands of dollars in legal fees and other related charges.


501(C)3 MILESTONES (June – July 2006)

Attended Aretha’s 501c(3) Non Profit class at TKS 06/03/2006
EIN Number established (phone call)  06/06/2006
Articles of Incorporation – Sent to IRS 06/19/2006
Incorporation of The Staci Stephens Fund, Inc 06/19/2006
Bylaws established 06/19/2006
Mailed in 501(c) Non Profit application Form 1023 06/27/2006
IRS sent letter stating that it was acknowledged 07/11/2006
501(c3) Status – Received letter back from IRS 07/19/2006


Click here to visit her websites: ( or if you are interested in starting your own Non Profit Organization or would like to learn more about what this dynamic woman has to offer. Also, you can learn more about The Knowledge Shop by visiting their web site at:


(Campus Crusade for Christ’s High School Ministry Program)

Staci became active in Student Venture after attending an outreach to upcoming freshman cheerleaders and football players. She was 14 years old (August 2003) when she was invited to attend a Student Venture meeting and was a beginning freshman at Timber Creek High School located in Orlando, Florida, a public school of over 3300 students.

Staci accepted Christ on January 18, 2004, at the Student Venture Fastbreak Conference in Cocoa Beach. Additionally, Staci was rebaptized on January 15, 2005 (her sixteenth birthday) at the Fast Break Conference in Cocoa Beach. Staci was very active with Student Venture and was known on campus as a Christian leader. She was a member of Student Venture’s Servant Team, and helped plan meetings, outreaches, and activities. But most of all, Student Venture made a major impact on her spiritual life. This life changing conference caused her to re-think her life and how she was living it. If it weren’t for Student Venture, we wouldn’t be so sure as to where she was spending eternity.


Staci’s Rebaptism


Staci’s 16th Birthday Celebration 

More information regarding Campus Crusade for Christ and Student Venture can be found on the TAB titled “A Heart to Change”


Some names of the kids that attended a function or received funds in Loving Memory of Staci included:

Name Name Name
Aaron Alex Alyssa
Amanda Anna Ashley
Aurlyn Becky Bliss
Corey Courtney Craig
Dana Danny Hannah
Hector Jacquelyn Jade
Janae Jennifer Jessica
Joey Jordan Katie
Kelli Kevin Luis
Lauren Lindsey Kirsten
Matt Michelle Natalie
Nicole Randi Samantha
Shannon Stacie Stephanie


Gift Recipient

If you are interested in applying for a gift or award from The Staci Stephens Fund, Inc. you must complete 10 community service hours, unless you have a medical condition or are performing research for Viral Myocarditis or other heart related conditions, in addition to the applicable form filled out. The board will evaluate each gift and determine the award amount.

Then, email the form to If you are unable to email the form, please mail it to The Staci Stephens Fund, Inc. PO Box 130, Christmas Fl 32709.

SSF Ministry Form Jan 08 – Fill this form out to attend a function

SSF Other Form Jan 08 – Fill this form to apply for a gift for Viral Myocarditis or other heart related medical conditions.

If you would like to donate to “The Staci Stephens Fund, Inc.,” a tax-deductible 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.

To donate via Paypal, Click Here:



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